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Welcome, To the age of exploration!!! Were many explorers found new islands.

A List as such on the bottom

Antonio de Abreu Portuguese 16th Indonesia
William Adams English 17th Japan
Charles Albanel French 17th Canada
Afonso de Albuquerque Portuguese 16th Asia
Pêro de Alenquer Portuguese 15th/16th Indian Ocean
Jean Alfonse (João Afonso) Portuguese-French 15th/16th Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, possibly Australia; Brazil, North America
Diego de Almagro Spanish 16th Peru, Chile
Francisco de Almeida Portuguese 16th India
Lourenço de Almeida Portuguese 16th Sri Lanka, India
Pedro de Alvarado Spanish 16th Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras
Francisco Álvares Portuguese 16th Ethiopia
Gonçalo Álvares Portuguese 15th Gough Island, Namibia
Jorge Álvares Portuguese 16th China
António de Andrade Portuguese 16th/17th India, Tibet
Fernão Pires de Andrade Portuguese 15th Ming China
Diogo de Azambuja Portuguese 15th West African coast

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